Who we are

WAVELENGTH dating is a new online dating concept, creating a unique approach to dating, based on real-life situations.

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How we work

At WAVELENGTH dating, we offer what we consider the most important characteristic for online dating; transparency.

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What this means to you

At WAVELENGTH dating, our aim is to make your online dating experience as pleasurable and as easy as possible.

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Open up our heart and find out who we are


A New Dating Experience

My name is Michele-Marie Roberts, founder of WAVELENGTH dating. I confidently believe there is no other dating service quite like WAVELENGTH; inspired by personal experiences.


I am fortunate enough to have 2 sons, both of which have autism. After a divorce, I had to acclimatise myself to being a single parent. Like many other people, I joined an online dating service and was lucky enough to meet some lovely people whom I have remained friends with. One night however, after a less than perfect date, when comments about my day had been greeted with a polite silence and a vacant stare, it was apparent that the only two things we had in common were that we were in the same place at the same time.

Fresh Thinking

Once home, I felt the only people who would understand me and my situation were other parents of special needs children, care professionals or fathers who, as a result of divorce, were parted from their children for one reason or another. In other words, people on my WAVELENGTH.

A New Concept

Confidently knowing the types of people I wanted to meet, I tried to find an online dating service catering for what I wanted. I found nothing. I felt there was a need for this kind of online dating service and, with pleasure, I introduce you to WAVELENGTH dating; a secure environment to meet new friends or arrange a date with people on the same WAVELENGTH as you.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope WAVELENGTH dating will help you in your journey to meet someone who will make your life complete.

Michele-Marie Roberts
Founder of WAVELENGTH dating

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At WAVELENGTH dating we believe we can introduce you to people who understand you better and bring together people with similar experiences.